Updates From Team Members in Romania


Marius has made a lot of progression in his exercises and movement. He can sit up for short amounts of time with no problems and can get into and out of a wheelchair with only a little bit of help. He loves to be pushed up and down the hallway outside his room.

We have a new game we play where we pretend a balloon is a bomb and we throw it at each other. I know it sounds silly, but he loves it. His burns are looking better every day. His beautiful blue eyes and big smile always brighten up my day!


Sorry I haven't sent you an email sooner. We were out of the hospital for a few days and we've finally gotten back into the swing of things.


Special Note: Jessica & Ashley have now returned home from Romania having completed their semester there. They have been replaced by another group of wonderful students who are picking up where they left off. Melissa Reber is one of those students and sends this update:

April 14, 2008

The last week has gone really well with Marius, and I think that he is making great progress. His legs are looking so much better, and he has been in pain a lot less often. The doctors are also giving him less medication, which is a good sign. Alina (his cousin) has been so great with him, and we were sad that we had to say goodbye to her on Saturday. We learned this week how smart Marius is. Alina bought him an etch-o-sketch and we worked on him using his mouth to write.

April 9, 2008

Sorry it’s been so long! Almost a week! Marius is great though! We have had some good times and some sad times, but we all know he is a fighter so he pulled through. He is getting a lot more vocal and loves saying our names ☺.

March 31, 2008

Things have been going great at the hospital for the last few days and Marius has been in a really good mood. Last week Marius' cousin, Alina, told him that he was accepted into the organization in America, and he was really excited. Later on that day Alina asked Marius if he wanted to go to America to get treatment or if he wanted to stay in Romania with his aunt, and he said he wanted to go to America. We were so happy to hear that :) Alina told us that Marius has been telling the moms in his room that he will go to America and that he will get a new nose and some new hands.

March 26, 2008

The last couple of days with Marius have been really good. He is usually in a good mood when we go in to see him and hang out with him. He is quite the little joker and gets a kick out of copying our laughs and any other noise we make. He even tried to scare Ashley today by pretending that he was asleep and then popping up. He is also becoming quite the little winker. Yesterday (March 25th) he would keep tapping my arm and saying Jessica and then just wink at me. He did this several times until he was satisfied. It was so cute.

March 20, 2008

We have had a good two days! Yesterday (March 19) I went in to see Marius, but only for a little bit, he was just waking up when I walked in. He has a new relative that is staying with him now, which makes us so happy! Her name is Alina and she is going to stay for one to two weeks depending on if Ionut comes. And the best part…she speaks some English!

March 13, 2008

We have had a successful two days with Marius. He is looking better, even if it's just a little bit! He had his teeth brushed and his hair was spiked up (don't know if it was on purpose or not, but he looked so cute!) He has also been responding more too!

March 7th, 2008

Today we went in to Marius's room and got to hang out with him for two and a half hours and that was really fun. I think that he's getting comfortable with us because he's trying to communicate a lot more. I'm not sure whether this is completely accurate or not, but he told me today that he is getting more skin grafts on his legs monday and that he's excited about it. Later we watched a movie and then played with a balloon. We hit it back and forth a lot and he had a great time. He learned today that he can use his head to hit it as well as his hands and he got a kick out of that.