Trip to San Diego!

Note: Marius' first operation was postponed from the 22nd to 29th. He and Ionut traveled to San Diego last week and had a great time with Lynne and her family. Here is her report. Also, please go to to see pictures from their great adventure.

Greetings to all from the Southern California arm of Team Marius! I just wanted to give a little report on the wonderful time we had with Marius and Ionut while they visited us Woodward/Ludlows here in San Diego.

TeamMarius 10/6/08 Update

Hi Team,

I thought we'd share just a couple of things with all of you about Marius and Ionut. We wanted to let you know what was happening in their lives, their schoolwork and their playtime! The most exciting to us is the abundance of pictures and video and slide show entertainment we've added to the site. So come and browse!!

Cruisin' on the Three Wheeler!

Marius loves to be out on his bike. Here is some early video of one of his first rides.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

In early September thanks to Tom Farnsworth, a local physical therapist, Marius got a chance to see the Arizona Diamondbacks play. Here are some pictures of the fun. They got to meet the mascot, Phoenix Suns standout Dan Majerle, and made a great friend in Janie who took super care of them.

Playing in the Arizona Rain

Just a little snippet from last night's excitement. I took Marius and Ionut with me to get Jeremy's (7 yr. old) haircut last night. We went to some friends who had fed us a couple of weeks ago and they have a darling dog and I knew Marius would love to get out and go play. They have two children on either side of him that are so great with him. Marius and Abby ran circles around the house chasing poor Gigi the dog.

9/10/08 Update From Team Marius

News from us here at Team Marius! It's been a busy month! We returned from some sight seeing adventures in Arizona and Utah and did some fun interviews as well as Thank You receptions while we were there. The media in Utah, where the girls go to school, has been so wonderful and has helped in our efforts to raise funds and to tell Marius' story.

Deseret News Article and Must-See Slideshow!

Jens Dana of the Deseret News did a very nice article on Marius that was published today. It is accompanied by an audio slideshow put together by Mike Terry. Here is the link to the slideshow--it is a must see!,5587,5166,00.html

And here is the link to the article:,5143,700257090,00.html


Utah Public Radio Interview

Kerry Bringhurst of Utah Public Radio interviewed a number of the members of TeamMarius including Marius! Listen to the wonderful results here.

Marius on the Front Page of the Salt Lake Tribune!

Jennifer Sanchez of the Salt Lake Tribune spent some time with Marius and the others while in Utah and wrote a very nice article that was published today. If you get a chance to pick up the Tribune it is on the front page! If you don't, you can read the article online here:


A Few Pictures from the Theme Parks

We've posted a few pictures of Marius and friends during his trips to Disneyland and Seaworld.

Click here and scroll to the bottom to see the latest. More to follow!

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