New Best Friend!

In August Marius added a sweet little chocolate lab to his long list of friends. Named Dasi, she loves Marius and sleeps peacefully in his room with him. He loves playing with and training her.

Camp Beyond Scars 2009

The Burn Institute of southern California puts on a wonderful camp each year for burn victims called Camp Beyond Scars. Marius got to attend this past August and had a wonderful time. Thanks to all those that volunteer to create such a wonderful experience! Read about it here and watch below.

Summer Vacations '09

We got a chance to get away for three weeks this past summer and had some great times with Marius. Enjoy!

Camp Courage!

In June Marius got to attend Camp Courage, which is a camp specifically for burn victims sponsored by the Arizona Burn Foundation. If there was any way for Marus' smile to get bigger than it already was, it happened at Camp Courage. It was a wonderful experience for him. Thanks to the amazing volunteers that made it happen.

Last Day at MacArther Elementary

We can't say enough good about the staff and students at MacArthur Elementary. They welcomed Marius in without hesitation and treated him like a rockstar! Here's a few pictures taken from his last day of 3rd grade.

Pictures From Arizona Farewell

Marius made some great friends during his stay in Arizona. In June we had a little open for his friends to come wish him well as he moved to California.

Check out the smiles that Marius brings out in people:

Marriage of Ionut & Ashley!

Marius' older brother, Ionut, and Ashley Ludlow, one of the students that first met Marius in the hospital in Romania and has played a significant role in his progress, were happily married in April. Marius was the best man and dressed and played his part well. Here are a few pictures of the happy event.

Eating Grapes With One Hand

This past week Marius figured out he could eat grapes with one hand with his new thumb. We captured some of it on video. Enjoy! And the next time you eat a grape, think of Marius....

Pictures From a Few Activities

We thought everyone might like to see some pictures of activities over the last several weeks. We had spring break and few weeks ago and got a chance to spend a day in the park. Marius also participated in his first pinewood derby and was able to hold a pencil and write with his new thumb! He also wanted to make sure we had photo evidence of him doing chores! Enjoy!

The Good Samaritan Next Door

Our good neighbor saw Marius outside in his wheelchair watching the other kids play a few weeks ago. He called them over and said he had an electric wheelchair just sitting in his garage that Marius was welcome to borrow if he would like it. Of course Marius’ face lit up at that. It has been a real blessing. It gives Marius the independence to get around on his own rather than having to wait for someone to push him all the time. With his foot healing, it won’t be long till he no longer needs it but as you’ll see in the video Nate and Marius made, he became a real magician on it.

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