For those of you who didn't know, Ashley and Ionut had a bouncing baby boy last August.  They named him Ethan Mihai.  Here's a cute picture of him with his proud parents.


Check out Marius's second thumb he got last December.  He's here with Dr. Katherine Au, Shriners plastic surgeon extraordinaire and a dear dear friend to Marius.

Marius at Shriner's Christmas Party in Phoenix

Marius was the lucky winner of a new bike at the Shriner's Christmas
party in Phoenix. We love Shriner's!

Marius in the 2011 Parade of Roses

Marius Throws Out First Pitch!

On April 30th Marius was privileged to throw out the first pitch for the San Diego Padres! Marius was chosen by the Burn Institute to do the honors and he didn't disappoint. Check out more pictures in the pictures gallery.

New Nose: Phase 3

The third phase of the procedure included clipping the attachment of the scalp skin re-attaching that to the scalp. In addition the amazing surgical staff at Shriners transferred his other papa to his left hand so that Marius now has a thumb on both hands. The surgery lasted 12 hours, but as you'll see, even in recovery Marius hasn't lost his sense of humor. The yellow patch on his forward is a temporary measure to help ensure that the scalp skin re-attaches.

New Nose: Phase 2

The second phase gave shape to Marius' new nose. Here are some great pictures with Lynne, Paul, Ionut, and Ashley. The final 2 pictures were taken a few weeks later just before the 3rd operation.

New Nose: Phase 1

In November Marius embarked on another great adventure: a new nose. This is an amazing, miraculous, multi-step process. Here are pictures after the first surgery. The skin is taken from the scalp. One end is still attached to the scalp so that it will continue to live while the other end becomes attached at the nose. The blackness is where skin died but it will be removed later. The scalp skin will also be cut and put back in place in a later procedure. Stay tuned!

Autumn Activities

Marius has loved his karate class. This fall he received his green belt. Check out the event as well as his halloween activities and student award!

Marius For VP!

It hasn't taken long for Marius to feel at home in his new elementary school. He ran for Student Body Vice President in November and won! Congratulations Marius, you'll be a great VP!

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