Hard to improve on perfection


Marius underwent another round of surgery last week on his lips, nose, and lower face. The surgery was successful and he is recovering well.

Dinner With David Archuleta


In Los Angeles getting ready for his next surgery, Marius got a chance to meet David!

The adoption is final!


On June 17, 2011, in front of the judge and a whole bunch of family, both Frees and Woodward/Ludlows, the adoption was made official.  Marius is

Marius catches a big one!


With Dad at our 2011 Edwards family reunion near Vernal, Utah.

Our good buddy, Mike Tyson


We saw Mike Tyson at the airport!  He was so nice.

Marius' volcano!


Check out Marius' cool volcano he made for a school project.  Yeah, we were pretty proud :)

Marius appears live on Good Things Utah!

Here's the link!  Great interview :)

"I Am Not My Body", a Documentary

Marius live on Good Things Utah!

> http://www.abc4.com/s/IMJd3Nfw9Em5-ADVIxlvZw.cspx

Link To KSL Video


Here is the link to the piece that ran on KSL on April 4th: http://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=15010189

Watch KSL at 10:00 PM on April 4th


Marius was interviewed by Carole Makita for a piece on the 10:00 news.
Watch if you can. We'll post link when available.

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