Updates From teamMarius

Gang at Seaworld

8/12/08 Marius Has Arrived!

We wanted to update you on the arrival of Marius and some of the things we have been doing and of course the progress on the surgical front!! Let's start out with the arrival! Most of the Team Marius members were at the airport excitedly awaiting the arrival of the three Romanians. We could hardly believe it was actually here! Marius, Teo and Ionut arrived at about 5:30 and were a little overwhelmed and a lot exhausted but they were good sports about our enthusiasm!


MARIUS IS COMING!! Marius, and Ionut and Teo will arrive at LAX on August 4th at 3:40 p.m. Team Marius families are going to be there as well as a group of Romanians from the community there in LA where word is spreading about his arrival along with lots of willingness to help. We think that is just terrific that they will have fellow Romanians to help them with their transition and share his culture, traditions, and language. These friends will be a great support in helping Marius adjust to the many changes! The process to get to this point has been long but the miracles myriad!

7/16/08 Custody Issue Resolved!

We’re writing with GREAT NEWS from Team Marius! The custody issue we have been dealing with for months has finally been resolved, and in our favor! We just received word that Marius’ brother, Ionut, has officially received custody of Marius, which was the final hurdle we needed to clear before getting visas processed. As you read in our last update, it has been a long road, but with invaluable dedication from both Teo, our interpreter, and Gabriela Barbu, the Romanian attorney who took Marius’ case, it’s been a success!

TeamMarius 7/2/08 Update

Hi friends! We apologize that it has been a while since you’ve heard from us. We’ve continued to work on custody issues for Marius but most of what we are doing now, moves along slowly and without a lot of fanfare.

TeamMarius 5/30/08 Update

We hope this update finds you all well and happy. Marius is doing so well!! His personality and sense of humor are just off the charts. He is learning english phrases for his trip to America and he has sat up on his own a few times in preparation for the long plane flight. He is even trying to put some weight on his feet. We hope that in a months time we will have all that we need in order to fly him over here!

TeamMarius 5/13/08 Update

We apologize that there has been little on the Marius front for some time. But much has been happening and we are excited to share the things that have been happening there in Marius' world and here in ours. There is so much good, I'm not sure where to begin.

teamMarius 4/22/08 Update

Things are moving forward in Marius' world. If you haven't seen the Utah Public Radio blurb on the website, we invite you to go now and listen to the first part in a three part series. The next segment will be Friday at 7:30 and 8:30 MST and the last one will be on Monday at the same times. Also for those of you in the Utah area, there will be a charity auction and you can find details on the website as well.

teamMarius 4/1/08 Update

This has been another miraculous week. So much good has happened. Through Ashley's family, there is a story being done for Utah Public Radio where they hope to interview the girls and some other key players. We are so excited that Marius' story will be told to a broader audience. We can only hope it gets broader and broader so that everyone knows about this brave, courageous and kind-hearted boy.